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Fine Art/Series
© Josh Levine 2014
© Josh Levine 2014
© Josh Levine Photo
"Lotuses and Reflection, Vietnam" 1997/2014  © Josh Levine Fine Art Print / Photography/Mixed Media  20” x 24” Paper sizeFrom Series “Circa Vietnam” found at Limited edition of 15 — 6 remaining as of June 10, 2014Printed on gorgeous fine art paper, appears as if half painting half photograph. You are seeing the result of a unique process developed by Josh Levine Patent Pending.
"Bike Wash" Hanoi, 1996/2014  © Josh Levine Fine Art Print / Photography/Mixed MediaFrom Series “Circa Vietnam” found at

From “Circa Vietnam” 
"Dream Tours" ©Josh Levine Fine Art
© Josh Levine, All Rights Reserved
"North of Canal" © Josh Levine
"Belvedere’s 5th Avenue""©Josh Levine
Sunset Love
Winter on Park Avenue, NYC, 2014
 ”Exploding Pod.” 2013. © Josh Levine  - Printed on Aluminum.